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Änglagård: Hybris

April 29, 2009

Tomas Jonson – mellotron, Hammond organ, solina, clavinet, pianet, korg mono poly, piano, church organ Jonas Engdegård – electric guitars, nylon and steel acoustic guitars Tord Lindman – vocals, electric guitars, nylon and steel acoustic guitars Johan Högberg – bass, bass pedals, mellotron effects Anna Holmgren – flute Mattias Olsson – all percussion, and effect-flute Okay, […]


April 28, 2009

BUSKER was a two-man outfit from the “Great White North” of Ontario Canada. Steve McCann, and Randy Dawdy’s first collaboration was in a high school production of “Hair.” However, there was more to this duo than that humble beginning. Steve has earned degrees in music theory and composition, and won an Ontario Arts Council songwriting […]

Busker: Northern Fantasies

April 28, 2009

  “Northern Fantasies” is a loose concept album, based on Busker’s travels through Canada while touring in the ’70s. It is not a story about Canada, as much as music inspired by impressions of the experiences. The variations are almost as vast as the country itself. That is really the charm of this album. Instead […]


April 27, 2009

The name translates almost literally as enlightenment (naturally, this is a concept someone who uses the nickname of bhikkhu can get on board with). It also specifically refers to a philosophical/social/political movement that swept through Europe in the eighteenth century. Generally it is referred to as the Age of Reason. In Germany it was called […]

The Kinks: Muswell Hillbillies

April 25, 2009

  Dave Davies – guitar, harmonica, slide guitar, keyboards, vocals Ray Davies – guitar, piano, vocals, producer, composer Mick Avory – drums John Dalton – bass And a host of guest musicians The Kinks are probably the most overlooked big time band. Sure, everyone knows “All Day and All Night” and “Lola,” but not many […]


April 24, 2009

In the early ’90s, keyboard player / vocalist Dave Boland, drummer Richard Brooke, guitarist Martin Hayter, and bass player Paul Brown had all either been playing in bands, or were looking to form one. In 1992, Dave placed an ad calling for musicians to join him. Paul answered the ad. Together, they took a trip […]

Robert Plant & the Strange Sensation: Mighty Rearranger

April 23, 2009

Robert Plant – vocals, harmonica John Baggott – keyboards, electronica, Moog bass Clive Deamer – drums, bendir Justin Adams – electric guitar, bendir, tehardant, lap steel, bass Skin Tyson – acoustic and electric guitars, lap steel, bass Billy Fuller – electric and double bass Robert Plant has had a solid post-Zeppelin career, and some of […]

The Alan Parsons Project: I Robot

April 22, 2009

  This is another album that I inherited from an older sibling. She had a habit of getting great albums, and rarely listening to them. Eventually, they became mine. This one grabbed me from the start. It also didn’t hurt that my local FM station had already been playing a couple of tracks. What does […]

Taï Phong

April 21, 2009

Taï Phong is a bit of an oddity, as it is a French band founded by Vietnamese brothers Kahn and Taï Ho Tong. The sound is comparable to Camel, and Novalis, but the most telling description is ‘France’s answer to Barclay James Havest.’ The first incarnation came together in 1972, and included an American and […]

Deluge Grander: The Form of the Good

April 18, 2009

ALERT! ALERT! This is the first new review written for this blog! Yes, this one is special. Unexpectedly receiving this album from Dan Britton got this whole thing started. So, this had to be the first thing written by me (H.T. Riekels), just for The Bodhisattva Beat. I am also posting it on Prog Archives, […]