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Who’s This Guy?


My name is H.T. Riekels, also known as Maji in the Buddhist community. I sell products and services to the food service industry, am an avid bicycler and music aficionado. I have had a passion for music since I first heard the Beatles as a youth. I have appreciation for many forms, but rock is where most of my interest lies. Progressive rock is my specialty, and was fortunate to be able to work for Progressive Archives as a special collaborator on the symphonic team. Unfortunately, I had to leave the site in 2008.

For almost a year I was silent. I don’t know if my insights had been particularly missed, but some people liked my reviews and biographies enough to quote them (sometimes in entirety). The main point is that I liked what I did, and wished to continue.

I began by posting what I had already written, so that meant lots of prog. However, this forum allows me to broaden the scope. Anything will be fair game, but it will only be what I like. If you want to discuss Lady GaGa, Tim McGraw, Snoop Lion or the latest American Idol, go somewhere else.

There will be plenty of reviews, but I also wrote quite a few band biographies and still do on occasion. Some of the old ones are just okay, because there wasn’t much information to be found. Others I am quite proud of. All of them will most likely be posted, because frankly there was a lot of time and effort put into the research. Every once in a while one of the artists finds me and opens an opportunity to revisit and create a more comprehensive bio.

I may also from time to time include some other thoughts, but it will probably stem from the musical subject matter.

Please join in and share your thoughts. I want to know what you think. Don’t worry about letting me know if the information is incorrect. Accuracy is very important. So speak up and let’s get a conversation going.

Most of all, this should be fun. I enjoy lively discussion, but please keep it intelligent and civil. Enjoy!



4 Responses to “Who’s This Guy?”

  1. H.T., I would love to read your definition of what constitutes prog rock — when you hear a new band or song, what are the defining characteristics?

    • That is something we grappled with quite often over at Prog Archives. It used to be called “Art Rock,” and was basically rock trying to emulate classical music. That is now referred to as Symphonic Prog (and was my specialty at P.A.). Many definitions site odd time changes, but I think it’s all about the complexity. Once you go outside simple song structure, it starts getting closer to prog.

  2. Hi,
    I used to mix and produce Asgard, a band you might remember. Well now I am working for RIGPA, an international buddhis network.
    So we got 2 things in common , no actually 3, I love food and am bit of a cook myself…

    • Hello Davide,
      I am glad to make your acquaintance, and very happy that you are interested in my blog. It is also an honor to have someone who was involved with the music I write about sharing insights. Please feel free to add any thoughts and stories from your experience.

      Welcome! 🙂

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