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The Beartles: With the Beatles

September 13, 2009

Now with the second time out, we are really on to something. This album was where the Beatles’ signature sound was defined. They don’t sound remotely like anyone else on any of the tracks. There are still several covers, but they have been given the complete Beatle treatment. There is an energy, and excitement that […]

The Beatles: Rubber Soul

September 8, 2009

This is where things get really interesting. The Beatles left pure pop behind them, and started to venture into uncharted territory. It may not sound like it now, but this was a truly groundbreaking album. Brian Wilson cited it as an inspiration for “Pet Sounds.” This was where rock became a true art form. They […]

The Beatles: Beatles for Sale

September 7, 2009

For the first time, we see some chinks in the armor. This is not a bad album. Had it been done by anyone else, it would probably be hailed as a classic. But, this is the Beatles, and can only be judged by what had been done up to this point. This is a darker, […]

The Beatles: Help!

August 4, 2009

Here we are with another movie, and another album, but there is more going on here. They sound different. There seems to be a more sophisticated sensibility. Sure, this is still mainly a collection of pop tunes, but you get the feeling that they are striving for more. “Help” seems like a typical Beatles song […]

The Beatles: A Hard Day’s Night

July 30, 2009

Oh, my, my, my. Here is Beatlemania in full swing. In 1964 The Beatles offered a new album with all originals, and a movie (which is also great). It is absolutely fantastic. How anyone could not enjoy this, is just beyond my comprehension. At this point, the fab four were seasoned professionals (pretty impressive considering […]

The Beatles: Please Please Me

April 14, 2009

The Beatles’ debut takes some heat for not being as good as later albums. I’d like to put it in a bit of context. This is a tremendously different group than what was out there at the time. Some of the hits that year were “It’s My Party” by Leslie Gore, “I will follow Him” […]

The Beatles: The Beatles (White Album)

April 9, 2009

This is a very controversial album. There is very little middle of the road opinion on this one. Like any true Beatle freak, I love it. Honestly, I believe I would even if this was not my favorite band. This is highly successful experimentation. The success is even more impressive, when considering the tension within […]