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Magma: Félicité Thösz

September 11, 2012

What an amazing thing it is when a classic, innovative band like Magma decides to kick the career back into gear. The reboot can be traced back to K.A. (a.k.a. “Köhntarkösz Anteria”) in 2004, and blossomed with “Ëmëhntëhtt-Ré” in 2009. I will concede that these were both finalizations of previously unfinished works. What can’t be […]

Magma: Ëmëhntëhtt-Ré

January 21, 2010

Magma being what it is, comparisons to other bands often don’t apply. Even at its weakest, this band outdoes most others, at least on a creative level. So Magma can only really be judged against Magma. The other thing to consider is that the “Ëmëhntëhtt-Ré” concept is not exactly fresh. Portions of it have appeared […]

Magma: Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh

May 6, 2009

  Christian Vander – drums, vocals, organ, percussion  Jannik Top – bass  Klaus Blasquiz – vocals, percussion  Jean-Luc Manderlier – piano, organ  René Garber – bass clarinet, vocals  Claude Olmos – guitar  Stella Vander – choir organik Kommandeuhr  Muriel Streisfeld, Evelyn Razymovski, Michele Saulnier, Doris Reihnardt, Stella Vander / choir  Teddy Lasry – brass organik […]

Magma: Retrospektïw III

May 6, 2009

One of the advantages of living in an eclectic university town, like Ann Arbor, is the abundance of used music shops. This is a very diverse place, and is quite international. This means that you get a wider variety of musical tastes. It also means that if you find something unique, you’d better grab it. […]

DÜN: Eros

April 10, 2009

A few months before writing this review, I became aware of this thing called Zeuhl. With some investigation, Magma came forward. It was like nothing I had ever heard before, and made me an instant fan. As my Magma collection grew, I kept seeing the names DÜN, and Eros. However, I could not find this […]