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Necromonkey: A Glimpse of Possible Endings

A Glimpse

A Glimpse of Possible Endings: 2014


While we lament the departure of Mattias Olsson from Änglagård, it would be a crime for an artist of his creativity to stagnate. The decision to end that chapter and start a new one with friend David Lundberg was the best thing that ever happened to him and his fans. In an interview he once remarked about getting angry when hearing another artist pushing past boundaries and wondering why he wasn’t doing the same. Combine that yearning with his recent Gösta Berlings Saga experiences and we have Necromonkey.

“Necroplex” was the premier album and featured only the two founders. It was experimental, interesting and very likeable yet felt more like a warm up than a fully realized concept. Just about the time people were discovering this new band existed and coinciding with their first U.S. tour, “A Glimpse of Possible Endings” was released. Lundgren and Olsson had the goods this time and judging by the long roster of guest musicians brought in they knew it too.

Don’t look for anything you can easily pin down because it won’t be heard. There are some similarities to Gösta Berlings Saga, which is understandable given the inclusion of David’s band mate Einar Baldursson and “Glue Works” guest musician Leo Svensson-Sander. Other than that Necromonkey stands alone. Elements of techno, space, avant, alt-rock and symphonic and lounge jazz have been blended together along with a unique perspective that only these musicians can bring to the table.

The album brings forth different moods and styles in a seamless, almost hypnotic fashion. Continuously engaging the listener with subtle tensions is the key. “(A) Glimpse (Of Possible Endings)” is the most raucous number yet even here they show a delicate touch rather than a heavy hand. What could be most impressive are the constant surprises. Just when you think you may know where a particular piece is going or what the next track may have in store, the tables are turned.

At a time when finding something truly new seems almost impossible, discovering a band like Necromonkey is more than welcome. New might be enough but music this satisfying also energizes the soul. Even after multiple spins it still pulls you in. Mattias and David have created a landscape so captivating that the listener may just want to build a little cabin there in which to reside. “A Glimpse of Possible Endings” is the album of 2014 and Necromonkey the band of the future.

David Lundberg – keyboards, anything else necessary
Mattias Olsson – drums, anything else necessary

Guest musicians:
Leo Svensson-Sander – cello, musical saw
Kristofer Eng Radjabi – theremin
Rob Martino – Chapman Stick
Kristian Holmgren – bass, mixing
Elias Modig – bass
Yann Le Nestour – bass clarinet, clarinet, metal clarinet
Einar Baldursson – electric guitar, slide guitar, E-bow
Martin Von Bahr – oboe
Tiger Olsson – vocals

To obtain a copy email the band at

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