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Mike Rutherford: Smallcreep’s Day

September 28, 2010

I had been hearing good things about this album for years. A couple of my friends had it, but I never recall it being played. We usually ended up listening to Genesis, or Peter Gabriel. I even had a copy of “Acting Very Strange,” but never sought this one out. A few years back a […]

Tom Jones: Praise & Blame

September 3, 2010

If you have heard anything about Tom Jone’s latest album, it was probably the story of Island Records V.P. David Sharpe calling it a “sick joke,” and wanting to halt the project. Apparently he didn’t like the musical direction of “Praise and Blame.” Instead of anther “Reload” or “24 Hours,” Tom chose a different path, […]

Tom Jones: 24 Hours

September 3, 2010

I saw some press calling this a Tom Jones come back album. The justification being that this was his first album released in the U.S. in fifteen years. That may be true, but isn’t this the digital age? I also didn’t have a problem getting CD copies of “Reload,” “Mr. Jones,” or “Tom Jones and […]

Tom Jones & Jools Holland

September 3, 2010

Tom Jones is basically known for two things musically. The first is keeping current by covering contemporary music. This often involves collaboration with some established hit makers as on 1999’s “Reload.” The other is stepping out of his comfort zone (or what the general public sees as such), and experimenting. Obvious examples of this are […]