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Nearfest 2009 Recap

June 29, 2009

  Okay, here it is, the rundown of this year’s Nearfest. Only a week late, but I did have to go right to work when I got back. Before I get to the actual festival, I want to say a bit about my trip. I went to New York first to visit my oldest friend. […]


June 9, 2009

Just a little blurb today about something that is becoming an annual pilgrimage for me. NEARfest, or the North East Rock and Art Festival, is an event held every year (at least at this point) at Lehigh University in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. The title says rock, so that means it is not tied to one genre, […]

Dream Aria

June 7, 2009

DREAM ARIA is a rare Canadian entry into the Neo-Prog cannon (there are only a few). The band began with composer, keyboardist, and producer Don Stagg. He had written some music, and was interested in adding drums. A friend suggested he get in touch with former associate Garry Flint. Flint had been a member of […]

Lobster Newberg: Actress

June 4, 2009

    Colin Peterik – vocals, keys Phil Miller – guitars Corey Kamerman – bass guitar Jamie Dull – percussion With: Steve Eisen – flute, saxes;  Howard Levy – harmonica;  Mike Chicowitz – trumpet;  Dave Stahlberg – trombone;  Ed Breckenfield – additional percussion;  Klem Hayes – additional bass guitar;  Jeff Lantz – brass arrangement;  Scott […]

Lobster Newberg: Vernal Equinox

June 4, 2009

  Sean Briskey – guitar, backing vocals Victor Vieira-Branco – percussion Colin Peterik – vocals, organ, keys Will Gumbiner – bass guitar Lobster Newberg made their debut in 2007 with “Vernal Equinox.” I was working for Progressive Archives at the time, and was asked to evaluate the band for possible inclusion. Let me tell you, […]

Gentle Giant: Free Hand

June 3, 2009

This could be Gentle Giant at their most accessible, while holding on to the traits that make them so unique. It is a fun, and (of course) quirky album. This may not be the band at their most dramatic, but it is ultimately enjoyable.   “Just the Same” is strong, bouncy, and has that odd […]