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Stealing the Fire

February 12, 2013

Stealing the Fire began as the brainchild of keyboardist / drummer Chris Bond. It should not however be seen a solo project with a backing band. Guitarist / keyboardist Tim Lane played a prominent role. Bass Player Chris Phillips, whom Bond had worked with in Earthstone, was enlisted into the fold, and the unique vocals […]

Sebastian Hardie

August 17, 2010

Sebastain Hardie is one of those rare ’70s Australian prog groups (there just weren’t that many of them). The first attempt at this band happened in 1967 with bassist Peter Plavsic, and guitarist Graham Ford under the moniker Sebastian Hardie Blues Band. This incarnation did not last long. In 1968 Plavsic and Ford tried again, […]


February 10, 2010

Many people may be familiar with the word Dracma as unit of weight, or currency. It is exactly from this term that the band derives its name. It is their wish to evoke that earlier spirit, or “old dream of man” with their music. Keyboard player Jordi Amela, and guitarist Jordi Prats had been playing […]

The Bob Skon Trio

January 13, 2010

Bob Skon may be an Ann Arbor fixture now, but he began in Levittown New York. Unlike many musicians who start out with piano lessons, or the school band, Bob’s major influence came from his older brother. Bill was a bit older, and already doing the rock and roll guitar thing on the local circuit. […]


November 24, 2009

Grace was formed by a group of art students in the late ’70s, and they toured the North Staffordshire area. The stage show was dominated by lead singer Mac Austin, and flautist / sax player Harry Davies, both vying for the front man position. They started out as sort of more pop version of Jethro […]


November 15, 2009

The name of this Gothenburg band can be interpreted in two ways. One definition is to box a person’s ears, as if to say pay attention. The other comes from a Swedish variation of Backgammon. When a five and a two is rolled, the player will shout, “sink a dus.” Take from it what you […]


October 10, 2009

I originally wrote a bio for Izz on Prog Archives, but I was never very happy with it. I thought I’d try again because this band deserves it. Izz, from New York, originates with the Galgano brothers. Tom (keyboards, vocals) and John (bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals) grew up listening to music together, so it was […]


October 7, 2009

Jadis was formed by guitarist / vocalist Gary Chandler, and drummer Stephen Christey in the late 1980s. They quickly achieved notoriety by opening for IQ, and then Marillion on the “Clutching at Straws” tour. Steve Rothery was impressed enough to produce some demo tapes, which became very popular. As often happens during a band’s beginnings, […]

Blind Ego

October 2, 2009

Blind Ego is the “solo” side project of RPWL guitarist Karlheinz “Kalle” Wallner. Wallner states that the Ego part of the name is derived from his desire to make music from a very personal space. He says that Blind comes from his total commitment to this solo work. The band assembled for this project is […]


September 27, 2009

Edhels is led by multi-instrumentalist Marc Ceccotti (but most praised for his acoustic guitar work), and was co-founded by guitarist Jean-Louis Suzzoni in the early 1980’s. They met at the Monaco Academy of Music, and soon added percussionist, and keyboard player, Noel Damon. For the first album, 1981’s “The Bursting,” violinist Sandrine Brisson, keyboardist Philippe […]