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Birds and Buildings: Multipurpose Trap

February 14, 2014

It’s a happy day in this prog household when a new Dan Britton project is released. Even the cat likes it. Dan Briton has become recognized as one of the most inventive and original composer / musicians in the new generation of prog. Everything he is involved with bears his signature yet maintains a separate identity. […]

Deluge Grander: The Form of the Good

April 18, 2009

ALERT! ALERT! This is the first new review written for this blog! Yes, this one is special. Unexpectedly receiving this album from Dan Britton got this whole thing started. So, this had to be the first thing written by me (H.T. Riekels), just for The Bodhisattva Beat. I am also posting it on Prog Archives, […]

Deluge Grander: August In the Urals

April 18, 2009

    Dan Britton – keyboards, vocals, guitars  Patrick Gaffney – drums Dave Berggren – guitars Brett d’Anon – bass, oud  Frank d’Anon – xylophone, trumpet, flute, keyboards Jeff Suzdal – saxophones Adnarim Dadelos – vocals   In a time when the veteran prog rockers seemed to dominate the scene, I began to wonder if […]

Birds and Buildings: Bantam to Behemoth

April 9, 2009

Want some mellotron in your Jazz Rock / Fusion? How about some Zeuhl style bass? While we’re at it, let’s add some David Jackson-esque sax. Throw in some incredible drumming, and even a little vibraphone, and you have the makings of the opening track on “Bantam to Behemoth.” “Birds Flying Into Buildings” sets the tone […]