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Necromonkey: A Glimpse of Possible Endings

November 29, 2014

  While we lament the departure of Mattias Olsson from Änglagård, it would be a crime for an artist of his creativity to stagnate. The decision to end that chapter and start a new one with friend David Lundberg was the best thing that ever happened to him and his fans. In an interview he […]

Änglagård: Viljans Öga

August 22, 2012

  The legendary, cult favorite, Swedish prog band Änglagård had gone into hibernation after two incredible albums. Most of us thought never to return. Even the two albums, “Hybris” and “Epilog” were out of print. The rarity of the recordings only added to the band’s mystique. In 2002 they decided to test the waters and […]

Autumn Breeze: På Radio 1978

February 25, 2010

For many years Autumn Breeze has been a one-album group. That is no longer the case. The band has not reformed, but new material has been unearthed. Too often this means demos of already released material, or outtakes. “På Radio 1978” is actually something quite different. In 1978 the band did a live performance in […]

Autumn Breeze: Höstbris

February 4, 2010

Back in 2007 I wrote a review of “Höstbris” for Progressive Archives. My primary motivation was the absence of any review at all for this album. My opinion wasn’t negative, but neither was it very complimentary. I also believe I was listing to a lot of very edgy material then, so something more subdued would […]


November 15, 2009

The name of this Gothenburg band can be interpreted in two ways. One definition is to box a person’s ears, as if to say pay attention. The other comes from a Swedish variation of Backgammon. When a five and a two is rolled, the player will shout, “sink a dus.” Take from it what you […]

Änglagård: Hybris

April 29, 2009

Tomas Jonson – mellotron, Hammond organ, solina, clavinet, pianet, korg mono poly, piano, church organ Jonas Engdegård – electric guitars, nylon and steel acoustic guitars Tord Lindman – vocals, electric guitars, nylon and steel acoustic guitars Johan Högberg – bass, bass pedals, mellotron effects Anna Holmgren – flute Mattias Olsson – all percussion, and effect-flute Okay, […]