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Autumn Breeze: På Radio 1978

February 25, 2010

For many years Autumn Breeze has been a one-album group. That is no longer the case. The band has not reformed, but new material has been unearthed. Too often this means demos of already released material, or outtakes. “På Radio 1978” is actually something quite different. In 1978 the band did a live performance in […]


February 10, 2010

Many people may be familiar with the word Dracma as unit of weight, or currency. It is exactly from this term that the band derives its name. It is their wish to evoke that earlier spirit, or “old dream of man” with their music. Keyboard player Jordi Amela, and guitarist Jordi Prats had been playing […]

Autumn Breeze: Höstbris

February 4, 2010

Back in 2007 I wrote a review of “Höstbris” for Progressive Archives. My primary motivation was the absence of any review at all for this album. My opinion wasn’t negative, but neither was it very complimentary. I also believe I was listing to a lot of very edgy material then, so something more subdued would […]