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Shadow Circus: On a Dark and Stormy Night

January 2, 2013

Many a music fan can relate to arriving too late it a band’s career. Sure all that wonderful music is still available, but there is always that nagging desire to have been there at the beginning. That is why it is such a treat to have been with favorite from the get-go.  Shadow Circus pulled […]

My Top Albums of 2009

March 10, 2010

2009 was a year full of anticipation. A prog favorite reformed, newcomers had follow ups to impressive debuts, workhorses continued their juggernauts, and classic acts came out of hiding. Not all of it was gold, but much of it was excellent. So here are my picks for the best of the year. 1. Magma: Ëmëhntëhtt-Ré […]

Shadow Circus: Whispers and Screams

January 10, 2010

If you read my review of “Welcome to the Freakroom” you know that I like Shadow Circus, but probably had no sense of how much I was anticipating the follow up. As I said, the debut wasn’t ground breaking, but it sure was infectious. The album also caught fire within my little circle of progheads. […]

Shadow Circus: Welcome to the Freakroom

April 10, 2009

Welcome to the Freakroom: 2006 With Ludacris winning two Grammys, and American Idol bigger than ever, it’s refreshing to see new artists choosing prog. Shadow Circus may not be the saviors of symphonic, but this is some very enjoyable music. It’s not the most challenging the genre has to offer, but I find it quite […]