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RPWL: Wanted

March 1, 2014

  After the name was put in my face countless times a few years back I gave RPWL a try. It left an ‘okay at best’ impression and faded into the reference only section of my library. I always like to give artists another chance so I enthusiastically accepted the assignment of reviewing their latest […]

Egoband: Live at Rosa’s Farm

June 26, 2012

I first came across Egoband during my work with Prog Archives. They were one of the many bands that I researched in order to provide a reasonable bio. I found them enjoyable, but they ended up getting buried in my library along with a lot of other artists I was investigating at the time. A […]


February 10, 2010

Many people may be familiar with the word Dracma as unit of weight, or currency. It is exactly from this term that the band derives its name. It is their wish to evoke that earlier spirit, or “old dream of man” with their music. Keyboard player Jordi Amela, and guitarist Jordi Prats had been playing […]


September 27, 2009

Edhels is led by multi-instrumentalist Marc Ceccotti (but most praised for his acoustic guitar work), and was co-founded by guitarist Jean-Louis Suzzoni in the early 1980’s. They met at the Monaco Academy of Music, and soon added percussionist, and keyboard player, Noel Damon. For the first album, 1981’s “The Bursting,” violinist Sandrine Brisson, keyboardist Philippe […]


September 17, 2009

Even though they started out on Musea, Egoband, from Pisa, is another Mellow Records Italian obscurity. What does that mean? It means it’s hard to find band information. But there is enough to paint a picture. The first album’s lineup consisted of Alessandro Accordino on vocals and keyboards,
Fabio Cioni on drums,
Massimo Fava on guitars, and […]


September 8, 2009

Although it began in Treviso (Northern) Italy, Asgard has strong ties to Germany as well. The origin is in a band named Fire Dusk, formed in 1984 by guitarist Massimo (Max) Michieletto,
drummer Marco Michieletto,
 basist Glauco Giacchello, and Alberto Ambrosi on keyboards. They became a popular local band, won many contests, and appeared on radio […]

Dream Aria

June 7, 2009

DREAM ARIA is a rare Canadian entry into the Neo-Prog cannon (there are only a few). The band began with composer, keyboardist, and producer Don Stagg. He had written some music, and was interested in adding drums. A friend suggested he get in touch with former associate Garry Flint. Flint had been a member of […]