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Egoband: Live at Rosa’s Farm

I first came across Egoband during my work with Prog Archives. They were one of the many bands that I researched in order to provide a reasonable bio. I found them enjoyable, but they ended up getting buried in my library along with a lot of other artists I was investigating at the time. A friend in Italy sent a message and informed me that not only had Egoband reunited, but there was a new live album as well. He was also nice enough to send me a copy (thanks Massamiliano, and sorry this took so long). This is a first for the band, as they never had a live release during the initial run.

Being essentially Neo-Prog and choosing to sing in English, there is nothing particularly Italian about the music. They do however have wide range of influences. The Clock and its Dance” is quite jazzy, and it seems as if the covers of “Have a Cigar” and “One More Red Nightmare” were chosen just to prove the point. The Marillion/Fish school of Neo is however more prevalent than anything, especially in “The Wind is Changed.”

The music itself never took hold on me, and frankly still remains a bit elusive. It is the return of some 90’s prog masters that makes me stand up and take notice. The joy of the reunion and performing again is what “Live at Rosa’s Farm” is all about. This is simply prog fun. The only real problem is the poor recording. The vocals are way at the top of the mix and everyone else seems a little obscured. Perhaps that’s why the subtitle is “Official Bootleg,” because it really does sound like one.

I’m not going to make proclimations like “This is phenomenal, you’d be fool not to get it.” It is merely a pleasant diversion. The average listener would find it enjoyable, but not essential. Egoband fans on the other hand should check this out. It could very well be the only opportunity to have a live recording. Most of the time these reunions are very short lived.

Alessandro Accordino – keyboards and vocals
Simone Coloretti – guitars
Alfonso Capasso – bass
Michele Morteo – guitars

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5 Responses to “Egoband: Live at Rosa’s Farm”

  1. The new album is coming!

  2. hi !!! i’m always in Tuscany…i’m following Egoband in studio and i can say the sound will be hard and very 70’s …;-) it’s a surprise…they are working from 2010..
    I’ll keep you informed….;-)

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