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Mike Rutherford: Smallcreep’s Day

Smallcreep's Day: 1980

I had been hearing good things about this album for years. A couple of my friends had it, but I never recall it being played. We usually ended up listening to Genesis, or Peter Gabriel. I even had a copy of “Acting Very Strange,” but never sought this one out.

A few years back a copy came into my possession. I listened to it several times, and nothing sunk in. Really wanting to like it, I kept with it. Still there was nothing that stood out. I put it away for a while, and then tried again. Nothing had changed. It’s not bad. The songs are pleasant, and the playing is up to the par of a man such as Rutherford. It just seems to lack life. There is no spark, nothing to make you sit up and take notice. The songs also tend to meander, without any solid direction. The endings don’t seem to be closures, as much as the songs running out of steam.

I really hate to be so negative about an album that is not actually poor. I just found it very dull. If this is your bag, enjoy. However, I can’t see it being appealing to anyone but hardcore fans.

Mike Rutherford – guitars & basses
Noel McCalla – lead vocals
Morris Pert – percussion
Anthony Phillips – keyboards
Simon Phillips – drums

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