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Peter Frampton: Fingerprints

Fingerprints: 2006

If it has been a long time since you’ve dusted off your copy of “Frampton Comes Alive,” and listened to the whole thing, it would be easy to forget that Peter Frampton is a great musician. You tend to remember him only as a master of pop song craft from songs like “Show Me the Way” and “I’m in You.” Now if you recall other selections, such as “Penny for Your Thoughts,” it will bring forth the realization that he was also an ace guitar player. It seems as if “Fingerprints” was made just to bring home that specific point.

For this album there is no attempt at a chart topper, and no vocals. Every track is an instrumental, and each representative of Frampton’s various tastes. The whole album is a showcase, and virtually shouts, “I am diverse, and can definitely play.” This also lends itself to the possibility of overreaching, and trying to hard. Thankfully that is not the case on “Fingerprints.” Peter is well in his comfort zone at all times, and is genuinely enjoying himself.

“Boot it up” opens the album, and sounds like it could be a cut from a recent Jeff Beck release.

“Ida y Vuelta Out and Back” Is a very cool outing into Spanish music.

“Shewango Way” winds around with a fast paced guitar jam, and smoothes out with a few interludes.

Of course there is the obligatory blues number (“Blooze”), “Blowin Smoke Chugs along nice and heavy, and he even covers “Black Hole Sun.” Other tracks feature Western and Dixie Land. Some selections may be better than others, but there really is not one bad song. It’s a solid package.

All in all this is a very enjoyable album, and provides Peter Frampton with some much-needed perspective. If you are looking for curly headed pin-up pop guru from the ’70s, this is not for you. However, if a great musician playing for the love of what he does has appeal, then pick up a copy.

Peter Frampton – guitar

Courtney Pine – saxophone

Bill Wyman – bass guitar

Brian Bennett – drums

also featuring: Charlie Watts, Paul Franklin, and John Jorgenson

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