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Autumn Breeze: Demo Tapes

Demo Tapes: 2009

Well here is my third installment of the Autumn Breeze trilogy. In my previous reviews I pretty much covered the band itself, so there isn’t much more to add here. That actually goes to the biggest problem with this review. I just don’t have that much more to say.

“Demo Tapes” is just that, a collection of demos. With two exceptions, different versions of these tracks can be found on “Höstbris” and “På Radio 1978.” There is enough variation to make it worth hearing, but it is by no means to be referred to as an original collection.

The performance is somewhere between the other two albums. It is not nearly as refined as “Höstbris,” but neither does it have that passionate live performance fire of “På Radio.”

If you are interested in Autumn Breeze, try the other two albums first. This would not be the best place to start. Once a fan of the band, “Demo Tapes” would probably be a worthy addition to a collection. It is the completion piece to a set.

For a better picture of the band, check out my other reviews.

Gert Nilsson – lead guitar
Gert Magnusson – flute, saxophone and vocals
irgitta Nilsson – vocals
Leif Forsberg – vocals
Peter Jansson – bass
Kenneth Halvarsson – bass
Lennart Ohlsson – drums
Jan Warnqvist – keyboards

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