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Saying Goodbye to Alex Chilton

Alex Chilton 1950-2010

I am sitting here still trying to decide what it means to me. I have been honoring Alex by playing his music all day long. Right now “No Sex” is jamming on my stereo.

Apart from the Box Top hits, Alex Chilton has only been part of my musical world for a relatively short time. Big Star was not introduced until 2004. However, the impact it made was very significant. The music instantly rose to the top of my critical favorites.

Chilton’s solo work was not on the same par, mainly due to inconsistency. Even when not on top of his game, Alex was always interesting. The man made a career out of bucking trends. He did whatever he wanted to do, when we wanted to do it. Which is probably why he had so many devoted followers.

The legacy is solid, but we did lose something. There are many artists producing quality work past the age of sixty, and Alex was 59. He put out a new album with the reformed Big Star in 2005, and was slated to play the SWSX festival on Saturday with the band. Since “In Space” was the first new album in 30 years, and had the addition of two new members (Ken Stringfellow and Jon Aur), I viewed it as the band getting comfortable with itself. It’s a solid album, but the possibility of a stronger follow up was there. Sadly, that now can never be.

The positive side is that I did come into contact with this musician, and his amazing work. I am grateful for Alex Chilton, and everyone he inspired.
Thank you Alex, from the bottom of my heart thank you.


One Response to “Saying Goodbye to Alex Chilton”

  1. And I’m grateful that you in turn introduced Chilton’s music to me, H. Thanks.

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