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Adventure: Adventure

Adventure: 2000

This album is actually rather funny. It’s as if a group of relatively talented musicians got together and said, “Hey, let’s record an epic prog album.” So, they went through every classic group in the collection, and threw this together. It’s not exactly bad, but it’s not all that good either. This is as derivative as it gets. There are times when something fresh begins to emerge, but it is soon washed away by a tremendous amount of cheese. The lyrics are especially trite, and sung in a very heavy accent.

The moments that show promise are when they get into a more folkie style. If the whole album had been built around that, something very good may have happened. Unfortunately, we are left with what almost seems like a prog parody. If you find it for a buck or two, it might be worth it for a laugh. Otherwise, don’t waste your time.

They have followed it up in 2009 with “Beacon of light,” and it is getting more favorable reviews. I will have to check it out before I completely write this band off.

Odd Roar Bakken – keyboards, lead & acoustic guitar, mandolin, vocals

Terje Flessen – lead guitars, rhythm guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitar

Verbjorn Moen – lead & backing vocals

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3 Responses to “Adventure: Adventure”

  1. I reviewed “Beacon of Light” for Progressor, and will probably post an edited version of that review on ProgArchives. Though I wouldn’t say it’s a bad album, it is very derivative, and the cheese factor is really a bit overwhelming. Let’s say I’ve heard lots of much better music during the year that has just ended…

  2. I’ve listened to “Beacon Of Light”, and it doesn’t make me wanna check the self-titled. Such a…curiousity, in which musicians insert hippie melodic moments, singing about harmony and using other hilarious lyrics, into long passages of thrusting steel-taste metal. But yeah, I pretty much hated the album.

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