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Pink Floyd: Obscured by Clouds

Obscured by Clouds: 1972

This is a hard one to pin down. It was made as a soundtrack, but is very close to a studio concept. It always leaves me a bit baffled. There are no truly bad songs here, but a few make me wonder if Floyd actually wrote them. Namely “The Gold It’s in the…,” “Wot’s… Uh the Deal,” and “Stay.”

It seems to be going along quite well until track number four. My head always pops up, with a look of confusion. I actually like “Free Four.” I am a fan of a fun palette cleanser thrown into the mix (that means I also enjoy “San Tropez” and “Seamus”). “Absolutely Curtains” doesn’t really consist of much, and gets downright annoying in the end.

The rest of the tracks are quality Pink. Perhaps not at the same level of the albums creating its bookends, but still good. It is an album worth listening to, and even owning. However, I would not call it necessary.

David Gilmour – guitars, vocals
Nick Mason – drums
Roger Waters – bass, vocals
Richard Wright – keyboards

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