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The Ypsitucky Colonels 11/15/09

l_f4746278fbd6961882d81084ac11be9dI just saw the Ypsitucky Colonels for the first time, at the Old Town Tavern in Ann Arbor. My reason for attending was mainly trying to finally run into my old friend Will Stewart. Even though we have lived in the same town for over five years, it has been over a decade since we last saw each other. That is not to say I wasn’t also curious about the music. Will has a solid background, and his tastes are impeccable (by my standards). Happily I can report that my instincts were on the money. Seeing The Ypsitucky Colonels is a great way to spend a night off.

Far too often when a group of guys around my age are in a band, they play mostly covers. And there usually is very little variation in the play list from group to group. Tonight I heard mostly originals, with some quality influences. The Ray Davies and Big Star inspirations were expected, but there was more. I also noticed Jerry Garcia, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Nick Lowe, and maybe even Little River Band. The band’s own description describes the sound very well. It is stated as “Pub Rock and Power Pop meeting Country Rock out in the Garage.” As confusing as this may seem, it really isn’t. Listen to one song and not only will you understand but the comfort zone will be established as well.

The guys are all talented musicians, and Will’s vocals have a lot of character. The only downside I saw was in the setup. They really need another microphone for the back up vocals. This could have been due to the venue as well. It was pretty packed, and there wasn’t much of a stage area. The Old Town might also do well to examine the quality of service. The place was full, and only had one server. I can understand being understaffed, but she ignored me for 90% of the time, and slammed the soda bottle (warm by the way) on the table without looking at me when I was served.

Technical issues aside, this is a very enjoyable act. They perform fun music with depth. That’s a win-win for any crowd. I highly encourage you to go check them out.

I’ll do something more in-depth when I’ve gotten to know the band better.

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5 Responses to “The Ypsitucky Colonels 11/15/09”

  1. HT:

    Thanks so much for the kind words. It was a gas seeing you again after so long. For some reason, we thought we could swing it last night with just one mic. Lesson learned. We promise a full front-line setup next time. And electric guitars!

    Col. Will

  2. HT:

    Nice to see you doing reviews of live shows. Ann Arbor and Ypsi alone offer plenty of fodder. Keep it up!

  3. Very cool HT! I would love to see Will and the band play the big stage.

    • Unfortunately the stage was not all that big. I did see the Bob Skon Trio there the following week. The space was much better suited for them as Matt plays the cajon, and doesn’t need room for a full drum kit.

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