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The name of this Gothenburg band can be interpreted in two ways. One definition is to box a person’s ears, as if to say pay attention. The other comes from a Swedish variation of Backgammon. When a five and a two is rolled, the player will shout, “sink a dus.” Take from it what you will.

The origin is with Fredrik Karlsson and Robert Sjöback, who began playing in a rock cover band in 1987. Over time, they added more progressive songs to the set list. After the band partially dissolved in 1990, they reformed in 1991 with drummer Rickard Biström and a new singer. With this lineup, they played only progressive covers, and started to compose originals.

Playing two instruments proved to be too taxing for Karlsson, so in 1993 they added flautist Linda Johansson. Finding the right vocalist was also a problem, so the job went to Biström and Johansson. This year saw them working with the Pschedelic Band Roots of Echo, and writing more of their own material. This was also when they changed their name to Sinkadus. Shortly afterward the bass player quit. Instead of finding a new bass player, they found drummer Bo Guting. Biström then changed positions, and took over on bass. In 1995 Cellist Lena Petterson joined, and Bo left. Mats Svensson took over on drums, and Rickard remained on bass.

In 1996 the band recorded a demo tape, solely for the purpose of landing gigs. They also decided to send it to some record labels. This led to them getting signed by Cyclops. Toward the end of the year, the songs were rerecorded. “Aurum Nostrum” was released in early 1997. This led to performing at Progfest ’97. The show was recorded, and (with the original demos) released as “Live at Progfest.” In essence it provides two alternate versions of “Aurum Nostrum.” They again entered the studio in 1998, and recorded “Cirkus” (released in 1999).

The next few years saw the departure of Linda and Lena. A second guitarist entered, and left. In 2000, an American flautist named Van joined the group. They have been off the radar for a while now, but there has been no official news of a breakup.

The main comparison to other music is Änglagård. Although Sinkadus existed first, their first album came along after “Hybris” and “Epilog.” It is highly likely that Änglagård did have an influence on their sound.

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