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Rush: Fly By Night

Fly By Night: 1975

Fly By Night: 1975

When I was younger (much), this was considered a great album in my circle of friends. I didn’t argue. As years went by, it came out less frequently. There was a point when it had been dormant for years. In the more recent past, my collection has been in a state of reconstruction (the reasons for which are another story). There were some classics that seemed necessary to replace. This was one of them.

As I have become reacquainted, something has changed. It’s not quite as good as nostalgia would have it. Not bad, but just not the on the pedestal upon which it was once perched.

Like always, the band can play. They never disappoint as musicians. It’s the compositions. They aren’t especially strong. Even the classic title track is a pretty simple rocker. There are some bright moments. All are mostly held in the last three songs, and “By-Tor (foreshadowing what was to come).” “Rivendell” is a lovely piece, but not earthshakingly so. There is solid rocking all throughout, but no real “wow” moments.

Again, this is a good album. If you want to complete your collection, go get it. It’s more satisfying than most of the post “Signals” output. However, if you are just looking to explore Rush, this one can wait.

Alex Lifeson – electric guitar, six and twelve string guitars
Neil Peart – percussion
Geddy Lee – bass, classical guitar, vocals

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4 Responses to “Rush: Fly By Night”

  1. You know, this is the only one of Rush’s early albums that we don’t have. Personally, believe it or not, I am more of a fan of later Rush than of their earlier output – 2112 does not do a lot for me, while Counterparts may very well be my favourite album by them. Yes, I know, I am a bit of an odd cookie, but that’s how things are…
    On a different note, it seems my return to PA was short-lived. The place is just not what it used to be, and has stopped being anything remotely resembling fun. It’s sad, but now I have other things to take care of – an upcoming trip to Italy to tie up some loose ends, and my reviewing for ProgressoR. And then, of course, looking forward to NEARfest next year!

    • My love for Rush has faded in general, but that does not mean I don’t respect them.

      I actually saw your thread, as I have returned in a very limited fashion over there. I completely understand. I don’t plan on getting involved anywhere near where I was before, but I have no problem keeping my Special Collaborator status. I put a lot of work into that site, so I like to check in and see what’s going on.

      I like what I’m doing now, and it might even grow into something more.

      Nearfest is definite. No matter who is playing, it’s always a great time.

      • Forgot to tell you that tonight I made asparagus risotto.. I remember you telling me how much you like it!
        Anyway, as regards PA, both of us have kept our SC status, and at least I will check regularly to see what is going on. I use the database a lot for my reviews, so I’ll never be really free of the site LOL. I really hope Ivan will join us next year!

  2. Why must you tease me like that! 😉

    Yeah, we have to push him. He would love it.

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