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The Beartles: With the Beatles

With the Beatles: 1963

With the Beatles: 1963

Now with the second time out, we are really on to something. This album was where the Beatles’ signature sound was defined. They don’t sound remotely like anyone else on any of the tracks. There are still several covers, but they have been given the complete Beatle treatment. There is an energy, and excitement that carries through to the present. The guys were playing with more confidence, and the songwriting is better. They were also getting more creative in their instrumentation, and harmonies. It always amazes me to think about how quickly they grew as musicians, and a band.

Even at this early stage, they weren’t comfortable to sit still. Staring out with a the rocker “It Won’t Be Long,” and going right into the melancholy love song “All I’ve Got to Do.” They tackle Motown with “Devil in Her Heart,” and Broadway with a great rendition of “Till There Was You,” from “The Music Man.” Then it wraps up with the down and dirty “Money.” Once again, the Beatles proved to be innovators. The world was heating up, as Beatlemania was about to explode.

Needless to say, I love this album. For the music alone it may not be an absolute essential, but as I said in my review of “Please Please Me,” there is historical value here (along with the great music of course). These four upstarts were pushing the boundaries of popular music. It’s fun to observe the progression.

Bingo – bass, vocals
Bango – guitar, vocals
Bongo – guitars
Irving – drums

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