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The Moody Blues: A Question of Balance

A Question of Balance: 1970

A Question of Balance: 1970

This is my favorite Moodies album. I find it thoroughly engaging. The only other one that captivates me in this way is “Days of Future Passed.” It may be simpler than its predecessors, but this is by no means simple pop. This is well-crafted music, with each song flowing into the next. It takes you on a journey of emotion, and philosophy. All the while, retaining its accessibility. You get rock, balladry, folk, and beautiful exposition. You are taken in by the grandiose “Question,” and the journey has begun. It is neatly concluded by a parable that can be applied to us all in “The Balance.” In between we are confronted by life’s twists and turns. The paradoxes of relationships, depression, our place in the universe, and beginning anew are all covered. The melodies are beautiful, and the vocals top notch.

This album has always touched me on a very personal level. I don’t expect everyone to feel the same. Although, it does seem to me that it often gets unfairly dismissed. This would be a fine addition to anyone’s collection.

Justin Hayward – guitars, vocals
John Lodge – bass, vocals
Michael Pinder – keyboards, vocals
Ray Thomas – harmonica, flute, vocals
Graeme Edge – drums, percussion

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2 Responses to “The Moody Blues: A Question of Balance”

  1. Any of the Core 7 albums have the reaction you mentioned in your review. They ask you to look inside yourself and examine who you are and what is your place in this universe. Although I do love *A Question of Balance*, my favorite is *Days of Future Passed* due to the haunting *Nights in White Satin*. I know many people can’t stand that song after hearing it umpteen thousand times, but it will always have a special place in my heart. I also love *To our Children’s Children’s Children*, with the beautiful *Watching and Waiting*. That song also touches me deeply. I just returned from seeing them in two concerts in Dallas, Texas and they were just as fantastic as ever. I would wish they would go on touring forever, but I know that’s impossible. I treasure each time I see them as though it were the last — all good things must come to an end. I just hope we have a few more concerts to see.

  2. You know, the closest I have come to seeing them live was a PBS airing of the Red Rocks show (that was a long time ago too). I missed anything was was remotely close to me this time around.

    It doesn’t really bother me. For me it’s more about where the Moodies take me in my mind. It’s always a very pleasant journey.

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