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William Gray: Living Fossils

Living Fossils: 2006

Living Fossils: 2006

Now here is something modern, unique, and deserves some attention. William Gray has managed to create something very fresh, while still firmly staying in the realm of symphonic prog.

“Living Fossils” is a somewhat dark concept album, but it does have some upbeat moments. At first it sounds almost like metal, then the orchestral arrangements start to kick in. At times it is almost operatic (the music, not the vocals). The whole thing flows like an actual symphony. There are many time and mood changes. It almost has the feel of being influenced by the ghosts of classical composers. Even with all of the grandeur, there is no mistaking that this is rock.

Broad appeal would be another good tag for this album. There is something here for fans of many different sub-genres. Avant, Art, Metal, Neo, and even R.P.I. (Rock Progressivo Italiano) fans would do well to check this out. However, the structure remains undeniably symphonic. Seek it out. You will be glad you did.

Sebastián Medina – vocals, electric and acoustic guitar
Juan Manuel Tavella – Hammond, piano and accordion
Federico Ferme – electric and acoustic guitar
Juan Manuel Saldías – bass
Mauro Graziano – drums

María Fernanda Peluso – chorus and vocal arrangements
Carolina Azcure – chorus
Edurardo Graña – acoustic guitar and strings arrangements
Mariano González – Bandoneón, Hammond and piano
Marcela Muollo – cello
Ricardo Luna – flute
Pablo Varela – Bombo legüero

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