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Genesis: abacab

abacab: 1981

abacab: 1981

I was looking forward to the release of this album, and had reserved a copy in advance. At first, I hailed it as another great Genesis album. Not on the level of their previous efforts, but still darn good. I guess it was my youthful fanboyism. Soon, a couple of the tracks started to wear thin. It was still better than the pop garbage spewing out of the radio at the time (There were no stations in my area playing any of the better ’80s music). The supporting concert was very good, but they did play a lot of their classics.

With the passage of time, this one was played less and less. There was a point where it was almost forgotten. A couple of years ago, a friend played it for me. He found out I was into Genesis, and proudly picked it out of his collection. It was nice to hear again, but the thrill was gone.

By pop standards, it’s pretty good. Don’t forget that these are some talented guys. However, these guys were founding fathers of a genre. I have to put it up against earlier Genesis, and other prominent artists. With that peer group, it doesn’t stand up. For some pleasant, well-done, proggy pop, there are some very enjoyable moments. Ultimately, this will end up a largely forgotten album.

Tony Banks – keyboards, backing vocals
Phil Collins – drums, percussion, lead vocals
Mike Rutherford – lead guitar, bass guitar, backing vocals

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