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Weather Report: Heavy Weather

Heavy Weather: 1977

Heavy Weather: 1977

What a fantastic album. I was introduced to this at a time when I didn’t know much about jazz. It immediately became a highlight of my music collection. Copies have been lost, or worn out, but I always replace them as soon as possible. “Heavy Weather” will always be found in my home.This is fusion at its best.

“Birdland” became an instant classic, and sounds just as vital today.

There are some lovely mellow moments. “A Remark You Made” is very touching. “Harlequin” is very smooth, and quite playful at times.

“Teen Town” should be heard by every fan of the bass. No, scratch that, it should be heard by everyone. If for nothing else, to see just why Jaco Pastorius is held in such high regard.

Not impressed? Then listen to “Havona.” The man was from another planet. Actually, the whole band goes nuts on this one.
“Rumba Mama” is a great Latin drum shout, and a bit of an odd number for an album like this.

This music is actually more jazz than rock. It is however some very progressive jazz. I view this as a masterpiece, and should be a cornerstone of any comprehensive music collection.

Alejandro Acuña – drums, congas, tom toms, handclaps
Manolo Badrena – tambourine, vocals, congas, timbales, percussion
Jaco Pastorius – bass, mandocello, vocals, drums, steel drums
Wayne Shorter – soprano & tenor saxophones
Joe Zawinul – Oberheim polyphonic synth, ARP 2600, acoustic piano, Rhodes electric piano, vocals, guitar, melodica, tabla

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