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The Beatles: Beatles for Sale

Beatles for Sale: 1964

Beatles for Sale: 1964

For the first time, we see some chinks in the armor. This is not a bad album. Had it been done by anyone else, it would probably be hailed as a classic. But, this is the Beatles, and can only be judged by what had been done up to this point.

This is a darker, more despondent bunch of loveable mop-tops. The evidence is in the first three tracks, “No Reply,” I’m a Loser,” and “Baby’s in Black.” Not exactly uplifting stuff. We are then rescued by the Chuck Berry classic, “Rock and Roll Music.” Another great cover, dressed up in full Beatle regalia. “I’ll Follow the Sun” is a nice, seemingly positive tune … but wait, not really. “Mr. Moonlight” has been chosen as possibly the worst thing they ever recorded. Okay, the harmonies are rough, John strains on the lead vocal, and the organ is cheesy, but for some reason I like it. I think there is a certain camp quality to it. If you see the humor, it’s really not a bad tune. “Kansas City” is a great blues romp, and “Eight Days a Week” is a classic. They did another great job with covering one of their heroes on Buddy Holly’s “Words of Love.” The standout track for me is “Every Little Thing.” It has great use of acoustic guitar, piano, and is that tympani I hear? Once again, this is a preview of things to come.

Even though I consider this the weakest Beatles release, I would still rate it as above average. It is a good album. However, this effort does not have enough significance in the grand scheme of things to warrant any more praise.

(The Beatle freak inside me is now screaming very loudly)

See if you can guess who comprised the lineup. 😉

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