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Mr. Bungle: California

California: 1999

California: 1999

This album is … well it’s … just what the heck is this anyway? Let’s say an insane bioengineer crossed DNA with They Might Be Giants, Reverend Horton Heat, Frank Zappa, any given metal band, and threw in some other random elements. This might explain how this band got together. Then again, it may not. All I know is that it’s great fun, and I love it.

These guys blend styles seemingly at a whim. However, that can’t be the case, because it works so well. There is a definite sense of humor, but this band takes its music seriously (see Frank Zappa). Whether it is doo-wop, rockabilly, or metal crunch, it is all done with care. You will most likely find all of this in the same song too.

Need a diversion from the mundane, or the grandeur of your latest prog opus? This could very well be what you are looking for. You will still be comfortably close to your old standbys so don’t worry about losing any cred. I highly recommend this to everyone.

Mike Patton – vocals
Michael Peloquin – harmonica
David Phillips – pedal steel
William Winant – drums, tympani
Bill Banovetz – horn
Sam D. Bass – cello
Carla Kihlstedt – violin, viola
Eyvind Kang – violin, viola
Marika Hughes – cello
Henri Duscharme – accordion
Timb Harris – trumpet
Larry Ragent – horn, French horn
Aaron Seeman – piano
Jay Steebley – cymbalom
Ben Barnes – violin, viola

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