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Forever Twelve: Spark of Light

Spark of Light: 2004

Spark of Light: 2004

Forever Twelve is a very strong classic-style prog group. It’s a shame that “Spark of Light” is their most recent release. Once again they have pulled together to create well-crafted modern symphonic prog for the old school fan. As was the case with the debut, it is still difficult to pin down primary influences. However, while I felt Genesis in the debut, this one has more of a Yes vibe (with a touch of E.L.P.). It is much more upbeat, and the instrumentation feels more Squire, Wakeman, and Howe inspired.

Once again they have delivered a very strong effort, yet something seems to missing from this one. It is not quite as dynamic, and I feel a certain lack of urgency that was present on “Remembrance Branch.” There was hardly a dull moment before, but “Spark of Light” drags in a few places (especially at the end). Don’t get me wrong this is still a very good album. I happened to get both CDs at the same time, so I can’t help but compare them.

All in all, I can highly recommend this album. If you have to choose between the two, figure out whether you want something darker, or lighter. If it doesn’t matter, get the debut first. But you probably won’t be disappointed with “Spark of light” either.

Steve Barberic – keyboards and bass pedals
Kenny Hundt – bass and 12-String guitar
Fernando Martinez – drums and percussion
Cat Ellen – vocals, flute, and percussion
Tom Graham – guitars

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