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Forever Twelve: Remembrance Branch

Remembrance Branch: 2002

Remembrance Branch: 2002

Forever Twelve is a modern group, doing prog in the classic style. Their debut album shows this in every track. Somehow they mange to keep it from feeling dated. You can tell that there is heavy influence from the big acts of the ’70s, but it’s hard to pin down specific ones. I tend to sense a more of a Genesis influence on “Remembrance Branch.” There is also no denying a bit of Renaissance in Cat Ellen’s voice.

These are quality musicians and songwriters. The passages are well played, and complexity abounds. Cat’s voice can be a bit thin at times, but it is very pretty. She also has a slight nasal quality that gives her distinctiveness. While there is no overt virtuosity, this group’s chops cannot be denied.

This is a moody and dynamic album, with some bright and catchy spots. It features one lengthy epic, and there are breaks between the tracks, but there is a common thread throughout. There are repeated themes, but it never gets dull. They also have a tendency to surprise you when you least expect it. All of this is very well done, yet there is no new ground broken here.

For anyone who wants to hear classic-style prog, done in the modern age, this is for you. It’s a very enjoyable album.

Steve Barberic – keyboards and bass pedals
Kenny Hundt – bass and 12-String guitar
Fernando Martinez – drums and percussion
Cat Ellen – vocals and percussion
Tom Graham – guitars and vocals

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