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Banco del Mutuo Soccorso: I Grandi Successi

I Grandi Successi: 1993

I Grandi Successi: 1993

It’s a famillar story. An acclaimed prog band from the ’70s, succumbs to the pressure of the changing trends at the turn of the decade. Like many others, Banco went the way of pop in the ’80s. “I Grandi Successi” is the greatest hits package from that era. It collects songs from albums released in 1980-1985. Now, I am not going to slam this album, it isn’t bad. It’s pop, and pretty good pop at that. “Taxi” is an especially fun track. Just don’t look for Vittorio Nocenzi going into furious flights of fancy. This music doesn’t require that. Francesco Di Giacomo is in fine form as always, but sounds a bit out of place on these selections. The songs are good, but they are also not anything remarkable. It is music of the time.

I have often stated that I am not a fan of compilations, but this one might be worth getting if you are curious. By a stroke of luck, I found this at my favorite used music shop (oddly enough, the same place I found “Papagayo Club – 1972”). Of course, I had to buy it. After hearing it, I know I wouldn’t be interested in collecting any more albums from this period. Yet, I am glad to have these little slices of Banco history in my collection. Therefore, I can’t really recommend it for any other reason than it being a collectible. If I am in the mood for this group of musicians, I have better places to go.

Francesco Di Giacomo – vocals
Vittorio Nocenzi – keyboards, vocals
Gianni Nocenzi – piano
Rodolfo Maltese – acoustic and electric guitar
Gianni Colaiacomo – bass
Gabriel Amato – bass
Pierluigi Calderon – drums


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