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Indukti: Idmen

Idmen: 2009

Idmen: 2009

I am not exactly what most would consider a metal fan, but I do like some. In the old days it was Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and Iron Maiden. Then an obscure band from Poland called Indukti renewed my interest. I was blown away by “S.U.S.A.R.” and even amazed myself at how often I chose to play it. This was an impressive debut, and suggested even better things to come. So you can imagine how eagerly I was anticipating the follow up. It took a few years, but Indukti finally delivered “Idmen” in 2009.

I raved about this band on my review of the first album, but am sorry to say that this one is a disappointment. It seems as if they have decided to step back from art, and steer toward standard metal. It’s still good, but not nearly at the same level. They have even added the obligatory screams and growls. Sure, a lot of people like this, but not me. The music is also geared more to standard thrash and speed metal styles.

Art is not completely absent. There are some great moments. “Aemaet” is an especially good track, and harkens back to what the band was originally about. “Nemesis Voices” is also very well constructed an executed, but lessened by having the damn standard metal vocals thrown in. “Ninth Wave” is actually fantastic, and should have been the piece to build the album around.

Basically, the first half is regression, the middle is stagnation, and we finally get growth on the final track. If the entire album had been in the style of “Ninth Wave” I would have been doing back flips.

What happened? Is Indukti just trying to sell albums to the generic metal crowd? I think there are enough of those bands already. They are still a cut above the rest of the pack, but why backslide? I appeal to Wawrzyniec, Ewa, Piotr, Maciej, and Andrzej. Don’t sell out! I know how talented you are. I gave you a standing ovation at Nearfest. Don’t give up on what makes you so special. Go hang out with your friends from Riverside. Or better yet, listen to “S.U.S.A.R.” again. You are capable of so much more. Let’s hope we hear it next time around.

Wawrzyniec Dramowicz – drums
Ewa Jablonska – violin
Piotr Kocimski – guitar
Andrzej Kaczynski – bass
Maciej Jaokiewicz – guitar


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