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Interactive Time

I had a brainstorm a couple of days ago. I was thinking it might be fun to try doing reviews by request. My library is pretty large, and there are other sources at my disposal. I have also become very adept at locating hard to find items. Of course, it has to fit my criteria. In other words, nothing I consider to be garbage, Sorry, but it is my blog.

So, how about it? It could be that album you have always wondered about, but never got a clear picture. Or something you would like to see from my perspective. Throw it at me.


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2 Responses to “Interactive Time”

  1. I’ll take you up on your offer, HT! Would you like to review BOC’s “Imaginos” for me? I haven’t reviewed it yet, though I know what I’d like to say about it. I’m curious to see what you could write about it… Remember we talked about it at NEARfest?

    • That’s a good one! And yes, I do remember talking about it.

      For those that don’t know, we are talking about Blue Öyster Cult’s 1988 album “Imaginos.” It’s an excellent album, and I would very much enjoy reviewing it.

      Thanks Raff. 🙂

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