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Premiata Forneria Marconi: Stati di Immaginazione

Stati di Immaginazione: 2006

Stati di Immaginazione: 2006

Once in a while, you get a surprise from a classic artist. If it happens once in a year, you are lucky. In 2006 it happened twice. My first one was from Steve Hackett, and I would have been satisfied with that. Then I heard “Stati di Immaginazione.” What a gift this is.

Many times classic artists record new music, and seem to be trying to recapture past glories. Other times, they just seem to have lost that certain spark. PFM has avoided both of those maladies. They have created something completely new, and full of life. The other surprise is that it’s completely instrumental.

This is a heavily jazz oriented album, almost to the point of fusion. They have even incorporated xylophone. There are some great grooves, and at times the violin resembles Jean-Luc Ponty. However, there is more. Just when you might be beginning to wonder, the keyboard reminds you that this is definitely prog. The guitar riffs out in classic rock style. There are some lovely ethereal passages, including an acoustic guitar and flute segment that would make the Hackett brothers proud.

The compositions are all crafted with precision. There is music to get your foot tapping, mellow you out, and touch your heart. This is the type of thing that makes this musical journey all worthwhile.

The film made to accompany the music is not necessary for full enjoyment, but it does work very well. This was especially true when they performed selected tracks from the album when I saw PFM in concert. Let me tell you, this is one classic act that is far from washed up.

Franz Di Cioccio – drums, percussion
Patrick Djivas – bass, fretless bass, plastic flute
Franco Mussida – electric, classic and acoustic guitars


Lucio Fabbri – violin, keyboards
Gianluca Tagliavini – keyboards, Hammond organ, Moog

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One Response to “Premiata Forneria Marconi: Stati di Immaginazione”

  1. Ah, memories of that stunning performance on the evening of June 21, 2009… Yes, PFM still have a lot of fire within, and can put many much younger bands to shame (which they did). Personally, I think the visuals worked perfectly in combination with the music, especially as regards “La terra dell’acqua” and “Archimede” (my favourites). A wonderful album from a class act – one of the very few things nowadays that can make me feel proud of my Italian origins.

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