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Peter Gabriel: peter gabriel (a.k.a. 3 or “Melt”)

Peter Gabriel: 1980

Peter Gabriel: 1980

This was the first Peter Gabriel album I bought. I heard a cut on the radio when it was released, and went straight to my local record store. (For you young people, that is what music stores used to be called. Though, the discs were much bigger). It got me from the first note of “Intruder,” and has never diminished in its force. What an incredible piece of work.

I love all of his studio output, but he never topped this. Every song is a masterpiece, and fits together in an almost organic fashion. He had mastered his incorporation of world sounds, and gathered an amazing group of musicians to make it happen. It is a moody thing, complex, dark, and in the end, hopeful. There are grooves that can make the tightest booty sake, and poignancy that can bring a tear to the most macho eye. The closer is an anthem that I dare you not to feel the urge and chant along to.

The musicians are ultra-talented (a few being Tony Levin, Jerry Marotta, Phil Collins, Robert Fripp, Kate Bush, and even The Jam’s Paul Weller), and play like it is their last performance. This is actually some of Mr. Collins’ best work. How can you lose?

I could do a song-by-song analysis, but I wouldn’t do the album justice as a whole. Also, unlike may things I write about, this is not an obscurity.

Not only do I recommend this for all prog fans, I think all rock fans (and probably fans of any music) should have this album.

Peter Gabriel – lead vocals, percussion, bass synth, synth, piano

Jerry Marotta – drums, percussion

Phil Collins – drums

Morris Pert – percussion

John Giblin – bass

Larry Fast – bass synth, synth

Tony Levin – stick

David Rhodes – guitar, background vocals

Paul Weller – guitar

Robert Fripp – guitar

Dave Gregory -guitar

Dick Morrissey – sax

Kate Bush – background vocals


5 Responses to “Peter Gabriel: peter gabriel (a.k.a. 3 or “Melt”)”

  1. Great review as usual, HT, and great album – though I have a slight preference for its follow-up, “Security” (PG 4). Nice to see you again online, especially as today is your birthday! Many happy returns, and hope you have a really great one today!

  2. Great review HT!!!! Happy birthday old man. I hope that I look as good as you do with one foot in the grave hahahha.

    • Nice … Thanks a lot you two. The best part of my Birthday was hearing from all my friends that aren’t in close proximity.

      • I agree, that often is the best part of birthdays. I hope you had a great birthday HT *heartie emoticon*

        We had an interesting adventure tonight, we went to go see Yes and Asia. Rhetorical Yes Trivia here…. I’ve got a cyber 20 dollar bill for the person who can tell me the last time Yes, the mighty kings of Prog Rock, played concert…. in a parking lot.

        yes.. you read that right…. in a parking lot hahha. That was a concert experience I’ll take with me to the grave.

  3. I can’t even begin to guess an answer for that one Michael. Sounds pretty cool though.

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