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Cosmic Nomads: Vultress

Vultress: 2007

Vultress: 2007

Man, whatever happened to all that great, bluesy, organ heavy music from the early ’70s? Apparently, a group of guys from Australia were asking themselves the same question a few years back. COSMIC NOMADS have resurrected the beast, and make no apologies for it. It may sound dated in style, but they have added a few twists.


Their latest release, “Vultress,” is an absolute pleasure. It’s a foot tapping organ fest. At a glance, it may not seem like prog. “Wait, I can almost dance to this,” you may say to yourself. But digging a bit deeper, the complexity can be found. However, this does not change the fact that this could be the most head boppin’ prog I have ever heard. It’s blues based, and rhythmic. The guitars crunch, and the bass churns. There is also a nice sense of humor involved. I get the feeling that they are Mike Patton Fans (just listen to “Elephant in My Soup”).

If you miss the glory days of Deep Purple, Atomic Rooster, and Quatermass, this is definitely for you. If you just want some fun, rockin’ prog, this is also for you. I love this album, and I encourage everyone to check it out.

(originally written in 2007)

Ray Vanderby – Hammond C3 organ, lead vocals
‘King’ Con Patogiannis – guitar, vocals
‘Professor’ Kon Zissis – guitar
Mark Kearney – bass, vocals
Melchior Borg – drums

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