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Cosmic Nomads: Make Love Not War


Make Love Not War: 2004

Make Love Not War: 2004


Had I heard “Make Love Not War” before “Vultress,” I may not have explored this group any further. It’s solid rock, and the Hammond organ is very present, but they hadn’t quite found that spark yet. This album also resonates more with modern metal, than the direct emulation of the likes of Deep Purple, Atomic Rooster, and Quatermass they would later find. Most of it is pretty straightforward, and not especially inspired. There are some quality tracks. Cosmic Child, and Calling Mr. Spaceman are definite highlights, and are more like what the Cosmic Nomads sound would develop into. This is also probably why extended versions of these tracks are featured on the CD as hidden tracks. H.E.L.P. is a fun little oddity, featuring robotic, electronically enhanced vocals.

I guess my biggest problem is that most of the tracks are just lacking any real spark of originality, save for Ray Vanderby’s signature, melancholic, almost off-key vocals. The lyrics are cosmic, and hippy-like, but the music didn’t have that sense of fun at this point. Now, “Millennium” may have moved them into a more serious direction than “Vultress,” but they still sound like they are having a blast with it. This isn’t the case here. Oh well, it is a debut. They would get better. No, make that a lot better.

If you are curious, check it out, but I don’t really think it is necessary. “Vultress” exists, so you might as well start there. Cosmic Nomads have leaped way ahead of their humble beginnings.


Ray Vanderby – Hammond C3 organ, lead vocals 
‘King’ Con Patogiannis – guitar, vocals 
‘Professor’ Kon Zissis – guitar 
Mark Kearney – bass, vocals 
Melchior Borg – drums

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