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King Crimson: In the Wake of Poseidon


In the Wake of Poseidon: 1970

In the Wake of Poseidon: 1970

Robert Fripp /-guitar, mellotron, devices

Greg Lake – vocals

Michael Giles – drums

Peter Giles – bass

Keith Tippett – piano

Mel Collins – saxes, flute

Gordon Haskell – vocals on “Cadence and Cascade”

Peter Sinfield – words


This album gets unfairly panned. Yes, it closely follows the formula of the previous album, but it stands on its own. I could even agree with many arguments as to why other albums are superior. There is one fact I can’t argue with. This CD finds its way to my stereo more than any other KC creation. Why do I find it so appealing? It could be that I let it stand on its own. It also could be that in many ways, it improves on the debut. The Idea of the “Peace” theme helps to tie it together. “Cadence and Cascade” could be slightly more beautiful than “I talk to the Wind.” “The Devil’s Triangle” is far more successful, as controlled experimentation, than “Moonchild.”

But, in the long run, all this doesn’t really matter. This is a pleasure to listen to. They even inject some humor with “Cat Food” (don’t be fooled, this is track is also a musical extravaganza). All of it is played with the excellence, and creativity you would expect from this group of pioneers. It takes you through every mood imaginable, and in the end you feel refreshed. It is an apt title, as you could liken it to a voyage over varied seas.

 I love this band, and the earlier output should not be missed. Don’t listen to the hype. Do yourself a favor, and judge it for yourself. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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