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Contrarian Onstage

Contrarian Onstage

Guitarist, keyboardist, and bass player Timothy Boney had wanted to create original music for a long time. He had a long a list of musical influences, but when it came to prog, he was inspired by Dream Theater, Yes, Rush, ELP, Jethro Tull, Genesis, Styx, Triumph, and especially Kansas. Life as an attorney doesn’t leave a lot of free time, so it wasn’t until 2005 that his project began to take shape. The goal was to make music that bore those earlier influences, but still sounded original, and up to date. He also wanted the lyrics to express some higher intellectual concepts.

As the scope of thing grew larger, Tim realized he would need some help. He invited former associate Michael J. White to add drums to the tracks he had already laid down. Joe Leming had been in a cover band with Tim, and was brought in to do the vocals. Joey became more enmeshed with the project, and started collaborating on the songwriting as well. Then the Kansas influence struck again, and it was decided to use some real violin. Lance Cockrell appears as a guest violinist on four songs.

While the CD was still in the works, the itch to put a real band together needed to be scratched. In the summer of 2006, Tim had been asked to form a band for a friend’s party. Tim and Joey called some of their fellow musicians. Bassist Rick Lucharini, drummer Chuck Bailey, and keyboardist Brian Leahy completed the lineup for the “Picknic-Gig” band. The band worked, and they wanted to keep it together. Unfortunately, Brian Leahy had too much else going on to commit himself. The band invited Carolyn Kennedy to fill the keyboard spot. The group became a cover band called Class X, and toured the New Jersey bar circuit. Tim and Joey also did some gigs on their own as Acoustic Class X. During this time, the recording of “Minor Complexities” continued.

In June 2007, the album was released. The next month, the band began performing as CONTRARIAN. They still did covers, but also began to include the original material. Chuck Bailey had to leave at this time, due to previous commitments. Tim called another friend, Joe Suarez, to come in as the new drummer. A former band mate of Suarez, guitarist/vocalist Mike Lenyo, happened to jam with the band on one occasion. The other members were so impressed that they asked him to join. This lineup is the final result, and now tours the greater New Jersey area. Hopefully it won’t be too long before they reach a larger audience.

I had the pleasure of meeting Tim Boney at NEARfest in June 2007. I didn’t realize it then, but it was the same time as the release of “Minor Complexities.” He was there to promote the band, and the new album. We had a good conversation, and have kept in touch. He was even nice enough to give me a copy of “Minor Complexities.” It took a while for the pieces to fall into place, but we were finally able to add CONTRARIAN to the P.A. ranks. I am happy to have been be a part (albeit a very small one) of a new prog band’s beginning.

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