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Rush: 2112

2112: 1976

2112: 1976

Rush at its proggy best. As popular as they were in my teen years, not as many people seemed to know about this one. Those who did raved about it. “2112” is a rite of passage for anyone interested in ’70s prog (or for those of us around at that time). It was almost a test for anyone serious about rock. If you liked it, you passed. My fever for Rush has diminished over time, but I still like to occasionally pull this one out.

“2112” is the magnum opus, and the primary reason for getting this album. The Sci-fi tale is a bit hokey, but it works well enough. As a teen, I was with it 100%. “F%$# Yeah! Rock conquers all, man!” The concept wears a little thin now, but it is not without its charm. As you would expect, the playing is outstanding. The music rocks, softens, gets downright spacey, and never fails to entertain.

The remaining tracks pale in comparison. They aren’t bad, and would have probably made a great EP. But once you have heard the big one, they fall a little flat. Because of this division, I can’t call the album itself a masterpiece. That’s okay though, the title piece is worth the price. Just think of the others as bonus tracks. Seek it out, listen to it, and you’ll probably want to add it to your collection.

Geddy Lee – bass, bass pedals, vocals
Alex Lifeson – guitars, bass pedals
Neil Peart – drums, percussion

Special guest;   Hugh Syme – Mellotron on “Tears”

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