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DISTANT DREAM isn’t a band as much as it is a project. In fact, it is a pure product of the www/digital age. Musicians, artists, writers, designers, and sound engineers from all over the globe were put together to bring “A New Beginning” out of a conceptual phase, to being an actual album. The countries where participants worked from were India, U.S.A., Sweden, France, and New Zealand. The most obvious question would be, how did all these widely dispersed people decide to collaborate? The idea initially began in Calcutta India, but the common thread seems to be Ann Arbor, and the University of Michigan. Many of the project’s members either attended U of M, live in Ann Arbor, or both. Now this may only seem significant because of proximity, but there is more to it than that (get ready for some home town pride).

I am a Michigan native, and have been all over the state. After many years in Chicago, I returned to my birthplace of Muskegon Michigan. Even though that is where I began, there was significant culture shock. I have now resided in Ann Arbor for several years. In any other area, if your interests vary from Country music, Hip Hop, AOR, NASCAR, prime time soap operas, and Christianity, you are pretty much out of the loop. Ann Arbor is a little oasis of culture, advanced thinking, and diversity. It is also a very international town. People from all over the world pass through here, and many decide to make it their home. I must also add, regardless of how close it may be, Ann Arbor is not a suburb of Detroit. So, as you can see, this is a good place from which to launch a global “band.”

People were contacted, parts were written one place, recorded in others, and mixed elsewhere. The writers and artists worked from their studios. What finally emerged was a multi-media presentation. It’s not just music. There is a story, and artwork to go along with it. While not all of the people involved are musicians, there are 22 people credited. I could go into each contribution, but in order to save space, I would recommend going to the website. It is a grand undertaking, and one that should be commended, no matter what you think of the music. However, the music should be heard. They chose the participants well, and there is obvious talent involved. One member, Jake Reichbart (who lives in A2), has played with Thijs Van Leer. He also says that he never met anyone else. He just recorded his part, and sent it in. So, it would be interesting to see if they decide to do it again. It’s not as if they have to assemble the people all in one place.

Sujit Srinivas – vocals, guitars, keyboards, arrangements
Arunava (Deep) Banerjee – piano, keyboards, programming, arrangements
Jake Reichbart – guitars
Robert (Bob) Berger – guitars
Arunima Dasgupta – vocals
Jayanta Dasgupta / guitars
Larry Luketich – bass
David McWilliam – bass
Chiro Lahiri – drums
Shankar-Ajay Subramanian – backing vocals
Veena Kulkarni – piano
Lara Hall – violin

A New Beginning - Episode 1: 2005

A New Beginning - Episode 1: 2005

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