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This one is obviously special, because it is the first biography I ever wrote (at least for public consumption).

Songs and Signs: 2005

Songs and Signs: 2005

Nimrod, a newcomer from Brisbane Australia, is the sole work of Kevin Walker who is a multi-instrumentalist and specializes in guitar and various keyboards.

Walker previously worked with several bands, but struck out on his own in 2003. So far, “Songs & Signs” (released 2004) is his only release. As yet, Nimrod is not signed to a label.

This is progressive rock, with a latter day Pink Floyd influence. There are also some characteristics of symphonic prog. The main instrumentation is guitars and keyboards. Not all electronic either. His music presents some very nice passages with acoustic guitar, and piano.

An interview shed a bit of light. The name was inspired by a piece by Edward Elgar, from his “Enigma Variations.” Bands of the ‘70s are cited as influences, most notably Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, King Crimson, and Barclay James Harvest.

Mr. Walker had this to say about the music., “Whilst being song based, the songs/melodies are good quality and do frequently morph into instrumental symphonic passages. The music is serious, and could be described as (maybe) thinking mans prog. Lyrically deep, with a vocal delivery which seems like a cross between Rogers Waters and David Gilmour, the music is obviously self biographical but, inevitably can be related universally to the experiences of most people.” He sums up, “I want the music by Nimrod to be deep, and thought provoking. I hope that it has the power to transcend the mind and hopefully have a lasting effect … on the listener.”

I find it to be very reminiscent of the “Wall / Final Cut” era of Pink Floyd. It is somber, but not nearly as bleak. It is actually quite hopeful at times. There are some beautiful instrumental passages, including lilting guitar, piano and strings. The Vocals are a Waters, Gilmour, and John Wetton hybrid. It has some psychedelic aspects, but that is not dominant. It smacks very close to new age at times, but some heavier electric guitar, and organ, put it in Art Rock territory.
A web site will be coming soon.

That was written a few years ago. The promised website is a MySpace page, and he has not as yet released another album.

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