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Transatlantic: Bridge Across Forever


Bridge Across Forever: 2001

In the spring of 2005, I was finally giving newer groups some serious investigation. I was already a big Marillion fan, so Trewavas was no mystery. I had heard Dream Theater, but couldn’t name a member of the band. The Flower Kings were on the “to do” list, and I had a few Spock’s Beard Albums. Fast forward to the next year. I now knew much more, and a friend said that I had to hear Transatlantic. I get a bit nervous when I hear the term supergroup, but why not. “The Bridge Across Forever” became an instant favorite. I was absolutely enthralled by it.

The talent here is undeniable, but these guys play together like a group of best friends. There is a sense of utter pleasure that comes through. The lengthy (very lengthy) numbers keep moving along, without ever getting dull. There is absolute no resisting the groove in the beginning of “Suite Charlotte Pike.” Then they go into a Beatle like run (see “Abbey Road’). The title track is almost a rest stop before the grand, 30-minute, album closer. This is a prog epic in all of its glory, and I am always left with a feeling of being very uplifted at the end.

Homages are worn on their sleeves, and why not. Some of the purpose here seems to be honoring those sources of inspiration. Now, these four veterans are inspiring a new generation. But, don’t forget that this is original music. Hats off to the guys for being able to pull it off.

This album just thrills me every time, but there is something that keeps me from calling it essential. There is a sense that others may not like it as much as I do. Perhaps it is the more mainstream sound, I don’t really know. I love it, and would give say it is a must if I could. It is essential for me, but maybe not for everyone else. I still highly recommend giving it a try.

Pete Trewavas – bass, vocals

Mike Portnoy – drums, vocals

Roine Stolt – electric and acoustic guitars, vocals, mellotron, additional keyboards and percussion

Neal Morse – grand piano, Hammond organ, mini Moog, Rhodes piano, synthesizer, vocals, additional guitars and mandolin

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